Never leave me

For so long you loved and imitated me

Then we were students at the university

Without you, I won’t feel like anyone

To whom shall I turn when you are gone?

When you’re the one who shared my infant bed

When you’re the one who treasured what I said

When you’re the one I soothed in the dark night

When you are gone there can be no more light

When the moment comes,I must believe

For trees shall weep their leaves as if bereaved

Then will my sister heart with sadness heave.

Oh do not do not ,do not ,do not leave

Your daily food choices

Menu for today

Mock certain soup
Marmite on sliced lead posted
Scrambled legs on real hosts
Jellied heels and arm cakes


Roasted spam and mixed wedges
Mock chicken’s chest in green sauce and true potatoes
Limb chops on a bed of onions and mashed tunes
Cauliflower -let’s -have- you plus green ballad and lemon dressing


Blackcurrant whistle and dream
Plum’s heart with bastard
Jam sponge with lemon voice.
Spotted Flick and scream
Xmas pudding in vices and custard
Chuck ices and choice of hoist
Almond part [home made] and creme du jour and my wife free

Free tea for pensioners.£2.50 per pot.Bring your own mugs

The war that did not end in 45

The War that did not end in ’45
Continues its trajectory of grief
Victorious, the people who survived
The War that did not end in ’45
On our backs ,the consequences ride
We will ignore the eyes of those who died.
While the gods of death float through our minds like leaves
The War that did not end in ’45
Continues in its maintenance of grief

The still small voice

Do you think it is bad not to have what you want? Then consider that whether we call it to unconscious,god,nature, there is a part of ourselves which is in touch with something wiser and that may be something we don’t pay attention to maybe because of business.But sometimes we really need to do so and we are forced into idleness and torment so that we stop our activities and listen.

What we want may not be what is best for us.

Do not add your sighs

Catastrophes imagined fill the mind.

Infinite the space that is consumed

The poem is good if I escape the rhymes.

I can’t write on paper which is lined.

Everything was perfect, now it’s doomed

Catastrophes imagined fill the mind

Is it good to benefit from crime?

Turn the gas on I can’t smell the fumes

The poem was good until I pinched your rhymes

I could write a poem if I had time.

Get the brush and sweep out all the gloom

Catastrophes imagined hurt the mind

Use this energy in your designs

Never give a seminar on zoom

The poem is good if I leave out the rhymes.

If you are calm this will be a boon

In my mind I hear verse as a tune

Catastrophes evoked enrage the mind

The poem improves without the poet’s sighs

Have you ever heard of a chef’s kiss?


  1. a gesture in which a person kisses the tips of their pinched-together fingers and thumb and then waves the hand with the fingers splayed, in order to indicate that something is excellent.”the video is truly worthy of a chef’s kiss”
    • used in reference to someone or something outstanding.”her larger-than-life earrings are a chef’s kiss”

A force far deeper

By the author

A force far deeper than our anger

Elemental as a storm

Annihilating all before it

Terror makes our rage perform.

This force saying self is threatened

Runs to rise and to protect,

Most murderous when we’re most alarmed

Rage the enemy detects.

Over-riding other feelings

Blocking out our power to think

Like a nuclear tsunami

Disconnecting human links.

Reddened vision,focused,narrow;

Eyes locked onto enemy’s

All the wider context losing,

Wipes out our good memories

Like a mother tiger fighting,

And the cornered eagle’s force;

We will destroy what we think other

Without bitter,pained remorse.

Nature made such to protect us;

Yet our perception can be wrong.

Once the flood of feeling takes us

All reflections seems too long