Do not add your sighs

Catastrophes imagined fill the mind.

Infinite the space that is consumed

The poem is good if I escape the rhymes.

I can’t write on paper which is lined.

Everything was perfect, now it’s doomed

Catastrophes imagined fill the mind

Is it good to benefit from crime?

Turn the gas on I can’t smell the fumes

The poem was good until I pinched your rhymes

I could write a poem if I had time.

Get the brush and sweep out all the gloom

Catastrophes imagined hurt the mind

Use this energy in your designs

Never give a seminar on zoom

The poem is good if I leave out the rhymes.

If you are calm this will be a boon

In my mind I hear verse as a tune

Catastrophes evoked enrage the mind

The poem improves without the poet’s sighs

I welcome comments and criticism

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