A thought that just came to me

If you want to learn anything new you have to be prepared to be a beginner, to feel ignorant. You have to be prepared to to not feeling in control of everything

We have to trust in the unknown and that might be very hard for people who have suffered trauma starvation cruelty etc

If you want to feel powerful and in control and knowledgeable without doing any work you will refuse to look at anything new and that is a very bad sing for most of us. That’s why we all need support from the teacher or a parent or a friend whom we trust enough to show them our vulnerabilities.

The art of heart


To write a poem will take our entire heart
Our mind and soul, our body and our dreams.
With trepidation,take a pen and start

Let preconceptions , though well meant, depart
Creative work evades such plans and schemes
To write a poem will shake the entire heart

We travel lands unknown without a chart
With our courage, trust the dark unseen
For inspiration,take our pens and write

We bite the apple, bitter, hard and tart
Knowledge enters in its dream -like streams
To write a poem will move each living heart

No logic, reasoning, signs, however wrought
Will bring to life the holy pattern’s themes
With each image, still your dreaming heart

The earth ,the oceans, seas, the sacred scenes
Where humans live out daily what life means
To write a poem , we need a mystic’s heart
We fill our empty pens,we make a start

What I did not know held me in trust

The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast
I knew reality unsymbolised
I gaped at trees with blossom till it passed

I would have paid no heed to stinging wasps
The strange, lost feeling  blinded heart and eyes
The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast

Is this why girls self harm to feel at last?
Inner pain  too deep to make us cry
I look at trees with blossom, this shall pass

Numbness,nothingness,the  human test
To try  our being ,show our hearts can die
The grey cloud of unknowing taught me fast

Who owns life and whose forefinger traced
The universe, the stars, the earth and sky?
I look at trees with blossom,self effaced

Our  words are maps,our sentences are lace
That weave us into being, all engrossed
The grey cloud of unknowing held me fast
What I did not know held me in trust




The enmity of night

The darkness and the enmity of night

Invite the wild projections of the mind

The lack of trust the need for saving light

The nightmares of the deep our terrors bring

The promise of the dawn the sun alight

Bring vomfort to my heart when I’m alone

And yet with hidden mystery we fight

We try to read emotion from a stone

The pilgrimage we need to make our life

From avenues to footpath to the fall.

Rewarding conflicts undo human spite

All together we shall hear the call

In the suffering dark we see the sparks

We catch the flames of love to heal the breaks