I will hurt your feelings every day

I’m flattered that you want to marry me

Yet you are very thin and I am large

When we went to bed I’d squash you flat

You are just a Kayak Im a Barge

I always tell the truth however cruel

So I’ll hurt your feelings every day

For truth is beauty to a mind like mine

So leave me now or never go away.

You like to climb up mountains I believe

A woman is a mountain to a man

Hold my hand and give me kisses three.

I think we met before the world began.

Let’s love each other all the ways we know.

I will not marry now,but never go

A blogger post 2011..

I used to have a blog on Google blogger probably finishing about 2012. And this is not visible now because I don’t write something anymore but obviously I am a source of danger to the innocent.

But now they have decided I am not. Since nobody is going to see it I don’t know why they bother.

We have re-evaluated the post titled ‘Fifty more  green sexpots please’ is
against community guidelines https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy. Upon 
review, the post has been reinstated.

I can breathe easy now I don’t think that they’re aware of irony or sarcasm or huour or world play.

I assumed that these are people in the USA but would it really harm someone to see the words

50 green sexpots

If this is removed I will know that WordPress has the same kind of regulations and I don’t want to offend anybody or make them lose their faith or corrupt them.

A crack, a loud smack

I know that's how death will come, 
Suddenly flying into another orbit when I am photographing flowers
It's not a gentle transition.
No-one will know where I've gone.
One step wrong and I'm off the high wire
And plunging into the no safety net.
Flying for a while
Jumping into hyperspace,spinning electrons
Startle my wide eyes.
Transiting the new black sun
I'm on a double gold helix,
Spider on her web,
Knitting furiously
Into the future heaven on gossamer wings.
Butterfly goodbye,
I'm off to see the stars.
And the black holes.
No one will come with me.
I'm shaking off,evaporating into mist.
I'm a flying saucer on a circus mission.
I can't say no to a new invitation.
Make it fast and break with tradition.
Time is passing smoothly till that break In the music,
I've been transmuted into a different key
someone else will play me on their violin
I'm a tune, I'm a thought, I'm a whisper in your vision.
I'm under orders Ready to leave for my performance
On the electric carpet.
Death dancing to a tune on a violoncello,
Arpeggionne sonata
I'm playing your words upside down
In a new foreign translation,
Accompanied by solo artists,ice cracking
I'm going in.
It's too sudden.
I'm flying.
Spinning faster to amuse the clowns,
too many ups and no downs.
I'm going right out of orbit
I've broken the pull of gravity,
And fly with pure equanimity
Into my future life,
I'm off at some moment
An instant,a crack,a loud smack
That was me passing


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