A blogger post 2011..

I used to have a blog on Google blogger probably finishing about 2012. And this is not visible now because I don’t write something anymore but obviously I am a source of danger to the innocent.

But now they have decided I am not. Since nobody is going to see it I don’t know why they bother.

We have re-evaluated the post titled ‘Fifty more  green sexpots please’ is
against community guidelines https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy. Upon 
review, the post has been reinstated.

I can breathe easy now I don’t think that they’re aware of irony or sarcasm or huour or world play.

I assumed that these are people in the USA but would it really harm someone to see the words

50 green sexpots

If this is removed I will know that WordPress has the same kind of regulations and I don’t want to offend anybody or make them lose their faith or corrupt them.

I welcome comments and criticism

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