Jonathan Neely

Little black babies how do you do?

Don’t go on the subway it’s dangerous to you

You grew up with mother but father was gone

Jonathan Neely went down stairs no man’s son

On the subway his mind was scrambled like egg

Psychotic and starving,he needed to beg

A young man called David was down there that day

Jonathan Neely it’s for you we should pray

No food and no money is there no welfare state?

So Jonathan Neely,I’m afraid that you are late.

Mr Penny was standing near where Jonathan stood.

And now you’re being charged for his body and blood.

His name was not Jesus his name was not Christ

But that was no reason to take this man’s life

I don’t think you’ll get 20 years in the jail.

Where the black men turn white and the white man turn pale

The poor and the mental, the sad and the weak

There’s little protection on the subway or Street.

A moment of Terror and.moment of pain

America’s suffering again and again

The richest of countries but not the most wise.

Jesus was native, the Romans tell lies.

Now we are post truth does this damn legal trials?

The children are crying while the rich men wear smiles.

If you’re tempted to force what should you do?

Turn round and run for this could be you.

Love without


When first I saw your soulful face,
Then wished I most to you embrace.
I wished as well to clothe you in
The sacred images within.

To find a home for love without;
To fold my dreams all round about
Your loving body and your face
Were covered in such joy and grace.

But now my dreams are cast aside
The world of meaning denied life.
What seemed most precious now is fled…
And I lie sleepless in my bed.

What is the world when unadorned
With all that in my heart I’ve formed?
There is no meaning I can trace.
As in a mother’s empty face.

On these grey rocks my path is hard.
From paradise, my self is barred.
To struggle or to grief succumb
When this dark day of mourning’s done?

Into His dazzling darkness dart
My dreams and love like dying sparks.
Into His Mystery now so fair
I’ll cast both hope and my despair.

Thus my dreams will be transformed
To show themselves in other forms.
What feels a loss may foretell growth.
On my hope,I’ll take an oath

That nothing in my life is waste,
That I have not for phantasms chased.
And you are human,as am I.
Let’s live again until we die

The face within your face

You let me see the face within your face
Human,lowly,humbler than an ant
The pathos in your eyes made sad my gaze
The other face, defended, has no grace
With it ,you appear quite confident.
Yet you revealed to me your hidden face
I know now of the suffering of your days
A fear of tragic pasts feared imminent
The pathos in your eyes made sad my gaze
The mental torment heavy all your days.
Yet you must hide from men intolerant
You revealed the face within your face
Like martyrs, you were tortured and disgraced
You wandered feebly,lost, itinerant
The pathos in your eyes makes sad my days
If Love exists then would that not embrace
The lost, the lonely, even the vagrant?
You revealed the face within your face
The pathos in your eyes made me feel base

On the way to the beach with Mary and Annie

Katherine’s image

Mary put on her light tweed trouser suit and the pair of brogues she always thought just right for walking around Aldeburgh. It was not really Mary’s style. She had been reading private patient by P.D James who obviously admired thin or thick tweed trouser suits. But not for changing the tyree on your car. That’s the big advantage of jeans.

She went into Annie’s room in the small family hotel. it was a beautiful room decorated in turquoise and light blue and she said furtively

I’ve just remembered that there is a  Nursing Home near here. Someone I used to know when I was young called Maggie Heldridge has been living here for about a year. She fell over and couldn’t walk properly so she came here for rest and  physiotherapy. I’m wondering if she’s going to go home again so we could call and find out. Most women like visitors but are Mary and Annie normal visitors?

Are you thinking that we should go and visit her while we’re nearby? Annie asked her?

Well it will be an act of hunan  kindness wouldn’t it? She never married so she probably doesn’t have many visitors. I’ll give the place a call and we can go around there for  coffee this morning.

Little did they know what was in store for them on this sunny morning.

Emile woke up.

Can I come with you, he asked politely? I’m not very keen on building sandcastles  nor rolling up my trouser legs so I can paddle in the sea.

We we could give this rucksack a trial to see whether I could wear it for a longer walk up the beach.

Rose House was not difficult to find. They went up the Town Steps which led to a slightly higher road on which the Catholic church was located. Why they built the church up there I have no idea. Rose house was opposite the church

Maybe they were afraid of the church being washed away by the sea given what had happened at nearby Dunwich

Press the buzzer on the front door of Rose House and you will find a determined receptionist inside who will allow you to get in because she knows the secret code.

They introduced themselves and told her that they had come to see their friend Maggie.

Maggie.,. we all love her she is so beautiful, she wears very trendy clothing and she’s got beautiful skin I have seen it myself because I used to be a Carer but I went to college and did some training and now I’m a receptionist

We  are going to have a beautiful bottom competition this year were I myself I’m going to photograph the bottom of anyone who wants to enter. When we will pin a number of them on the wall and people can decide which one they like the best.

What is this place? thought Mary

It seems a bit weird to me. Is it legal to take a photograph of anyone’s bottom? I suppose they give their consent its okay. They may not want to upset the staff by refusing.

Actually if you like I can take  photographs of your bottoms while you are here although you can cannot enter the competition unless you are a resident.

The two women looked at each other in wild surmise. They picked up the rucksack and ran out of the door into the car park as there was no other place that you could get to from the door. Unless you had wings.

They ran into the nearest coffee shop and asked for two large cappuccinos with sugar as tea was not available. Forgotten all about Emile but where was he?

We can’t we can’t let Maggie down Mary said we will have to go back but not today I will telephone and explain that you have got a sudden attack of claustrophobia so you need to see a doctor urgently

I can’t tell lies to the doctor. It seems wrong

Why not? We are post truth now you know. And it’s all because of Judith Butler and Heidegger.

Don’t worry I never played with them in the school playground.

You will never play with them anywhere.

I don’t mind whatever you say and the two women walked along the streets with a happy Emile in the ruck sack on Mary’s back. What’s a miracles that is

Why cry all of us?

I have talked it over

He cooked his own goose with one stroke and hit the nail on the head.Which is more than one can say for her.

There’s no smoke without a fire, as the farmer said to the pig.
In my view, I’m not a racist I’m British and proud of it.
The empire was of great benefit to the natives on all sides.
Well, look at it with my lack of perspective.

Confession of the day

Bless me Father, I have twins.Through my fault, through my fault , through my most enjoyable grievous fault.
No need to boast.Just keep the home fires burning if you’ll pardon my depression.

I just can’t cry anymore.
Too many crooks spoiled the broth and I can’t blame them as we’ve all been in the same position more or less, bar the missionaries of course
.I’ll tell you what I think; we’re all mad as that hatter who lived in a shoe.And he didn’t know what to do by a long chalk.
He wasn’t Jewish, which was a shame.It wasn’t his fault.I blame his parents.Definitely.
What could he do?
He had psychoanalysis for thirty years but was never circumcised so he couldn’t pass for Jewish even with his hat, beard and vocabulary.If only he hadn’t gone to the gents he could be praying in the synagogue right now, although admittedly it was burned down by that Himmler chap and his cronies.That was in the most civilised country in Europe… it makes you think, doesn’t it?

There was always something of the barbarian about those Nazis… say what you like but I’d never trust one further than I could throw him, in a manner of speaking.Though with Drumpf we may have trouble

You know what I mean; it’s horses for courses although I don’t know any Jewish jockeys myself.I think they prefer lions or possibly antelopes.Have you ever seen a gazelle pulling a cart?Me, neither.That makes two of us.
Great minds and so forth.Well, I can’t keep listening all night.I’m off.I have other fish to fry.I’m so popular I’ve been framed.
Why do women talk so much when they could be scrubbing the floor.It’s innate, you know.genetic.They’re wired for it and love a few brillo pads for Xmas or Channukka…say what you like but God did impregnate a lady of Hebrew ethnicity…life’s a puzzle to all of us but more so to men as we have no hearts to speak of.
For God’s sake, be quiet or I’ll call the police.

Talking isn’t illegal, is it?

It is now!

Rogues please two pairs

If God had made us with paws like dogs and fur like tigers then we would not need to buy clothes and we would not need money as much as we do.

Furthermore if we ate grass we are not need to go to the supermarket.

If we had fur would that be sufficient to keep us warm in the northern winters because tigers don’t live there but they’re living in Africa and India where it’s hot.

Can someone invent a new form of fur?

However if we had four legs under arms it will be hard to read a book especially if our eyes are set further to the side like cats eyes look to be. After all we don’t want to have curved books, do we?

Would you like a tail like a cat? Would we still have looting contests?

Could we still buy stiletto heels to stick to our whores?Sorry, laws.

My mother bought some rogues in Hotters sale. She bought just one pair. Four colours black brown yellow and white. Sorry they don’t have them in khaki

My wife said to me if you want to have a bath there are plenty of clean trowels in the Bering Coven.

My friend is buying a flat. What else can you do with them?