Jonathan Neely

Little black babies how do you do?

Don’t go on the subway it’s dangerous to you

You grew up with mother but father was gone

Jonathan Neely went down stairs no man’s son

On the subway his mind was scrambled like egg

Psychotic and starving,he needed to beg

A young man called David was down there that day

Jonathan Neely it’s for you we should pray

No food and no money is there no welfare state?

So Jonathan Neely,I’m afraid that you are late.

Mr Penny was standing near where Jonathan stood.

And now you’re being charged for his body and blood.

His name was not Jesus his name was not Christ

But that was no reason to take this man’s life

I don’t think you’ll get 20 years in the jail.

Where the black men turn white and the white man turn pale

The poor and the mental, the sad and the weak

There’s little protection on the subway or Street.

A moment of Terror and.moment of pain

America’s suffering again and again

The richest of countries but not the most wise.

Jesus was native, the Romans tell lies.

Now we are post truth does this damn legal trials?

The children are crying while the rich men wear smiles.

If you’re tempted to force what should you do?

Turn round and run for this could be you.

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