Rogues please two pairs

If God had made us with paws like dogs and fur like tigers then we would not need to buy clothes and we would not need money as much as we do.

Furthermore if we ate grass we are not need to go to the supermarket.

If we had fur would that be sufficient to keep us warm in the northern winters because tigers don’t live there but they’re living in Africa and India where it’s hot.

Can someone invent a new form of fur?

However if we had four legs under arms it will be hard to read a book especially if our eyes are set further to the side like cats eyes look to be. After all we don’t want to have curved books, do we?

Would you like a tail like a cat? Would we still have looting contests?

Could we still buy stiletto heels to stick to our whores?Sorry, laws.

My mother bought some rogues in Hotters sale. She bought just one pair. Four colours black brown yellow and white. Sorry they don’t have them in khaki

My wife said to me if you want to have a bath there are plenty of clean trowels in the Bering Coven.

My friend is buying a flat. What else can you do with them?

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