Your daily food choices

Menu for today

Mock certain soup
Marmite on sliced lead posted
Scrambled legs on real hosts
Jellied heels and arm cakes


Roasted spam and mixed wedges
Mock chicken’s chest in green sauce and true potatoes
Limb chops on a bed of onions and mashed tunes
Cauliflower -let’s -have- you plus green ballad and lemon dressing


Blackcurrant whistle and dream
Plum’s heart with bastard
Jam sponge with lemon voice.
Spotted Flick and scream
Xmas pudding in vices and custard
Chuck ices and choice of hoist
Almond part [home made] and creme du jour and my wife free

Free tea for pensioners.£2.50 per pot.Bring your own mugs

I welcome comments and criticism

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