A force far deeper

By the author

A force far deeper than our anger

Elemental as a storm

Annihilating all before it

Terror makes our rage perform.

This force saying self is threatened

Runs to rise and to protect,

Most murderous when we’re most alarmed

Rage the enemy detects.

Over-riding other feelings

Blocking out our power to think

Like a nuclear tsunami

Disconnecting human links.

Reddened vision,focused,narrow;

Eyes locked onto enemy’s

All the wider context losing,

Wipes out our good memories

Like a mother tiger fighting,

And the cornered eagle’s force;

We will destroy what we think other

Without bitter,pained remorse.

Nature made such to protect us;

Yet our perception can be wrong.

Once the flood of feeling takes us

All reflections seems too long

I welcome comments and criticism

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