Another branch has fallen from the tree

Another branch has broken from the tree
For nine short months, it weakened and grew dry.
It fell to earth with solemn gravity

Is comparing us to trees good simile?
I’d find a better if I’d guts to try
Another branch is sundered from the tree

The tree grieves not, for it likes to be free
Its main desire is stature, to be high.
Dead branches fall to earth by gravity

Some compare life to a drunken sea;
Or to the sky where dance wild nuclei
Yet one most ancient symbol is the tree

The strong hang on in their tenacity
Even as their leaves and berries fly
Weaker branches fall with gravity

Death comes so much harder to the high
This is no truth but neither is it lie
Another branch has broken from the tree
It disconnected all its twigs; lay down in lea.

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