Mary dreams about Stan

Mary felt extremely tired when she woke up.

She lay there in her Per Una nightdress and cried because she was having her persistent dream.Stan had died but in the dream he was alive and holding hrr hand as he pulled her urgently along the street and then wanted her to run faster an faster.

She recognised the road because it was the place she had gone to register his death. Because he had not died near their home

Stan cried

Hurry hurry the car park’s around that corner but when they got to the corner there was another corner and round that one there was another corner as if there were an infinite number them. Sometimes it’s a great handicap to be a mathematician.

Stan said we’ve got to find the car otherwise we can’t ever go home again1 They passed a new coffee shop but Stan didn’t want to go in. They were both out of breath then all of a sudden Mary woke up but she was not holding the Stans hand. She was holding Emile’s tail

Emil turned around and bit her hand.

Ouch Mary cried. Why are you biting the hand that feeds you?

Welk you keep pulling my tail. I can’t escape you’ve been holding my tail for two hours.

Thank you Emil I didn’t know that I was doing this so I am sorry about it but Stan was trying to make me run and he was holding my hand and pulling me along.

Well it’s nice to dream about him maybe but I was afraid that my tail would come off completely.

I just saw something in the newspaper about awoman who went round to the house of a man that she fancied and when his wife answered the door she got hold of her hair and pulled hm to the ground and some hair came right out and her head was bleeding.

That seems rather stupid, Mary commented. Did she think a man would fall in love with her and leave his wife because she pull his wife hair out?

If I were he I would be afraid that she would pull my hair out and that’s not conducive to sexual relations for most of us

If anyone pulled out my fur I would feel very cold said Emile and I would be angry.

I wonder how long it would take to pull out all your hair Emile?

I don’t want to even think about that.

St Mary fell asleep again and had exactly the same dream. Do people stay around after they have died trying to get their loved ones to pull them back to earth or hit me like a wishful fantasy on the part of the surviving spouse? Mary thinks she better call Annie to get her opinion on the matter.

And so do all of us

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