Every person is a little world

By the bowling green my Dad and I would talk

In 1952 he still could walk

We spent the afternoon in Willows Park

At least there were some sparrows

life was stark

He wore a jacket made of thinning tweed

He smoked cheap cigarettes I love their smell

Though they killed you Daddy I know well.

I did not understand that God was frail

I prayed for you but all to no avail.

The Jews in Auschwitz must have prayed at first

Then singing Kaddish stumbled to their deaths

God cannot be judged though humans can.

Everyones6 a person like I am

Every person is another world

In its Imagination Europe failed

Could Daddy have been saved for ten more years?

Does even the best neighbour really care?

Few will help us mourn the ones we lost

Ourhearts ignoble will not pay the cost.

2 thoughts on “Every person is a little world

    1. Thank you very much for reading my poem I do appreciate your comments. I have read some of your posts and I’m very impressed by them. I think you have a gift

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