Do it yourself

Your nail scissors can be sterilised and used to remove the stitches from your surgical wound if you can’t get an appointment with the nurse.

You can use your phone to take photographs of your surgical wound so that you can send them to your doctor to see whether it’s infected or not.

You can also use your phone how to take photographs of your teeth if you break one and are not sure about going to the dentist.

I have tried using a magnet to remove those little metal clips they put on wounds but it doesn’t work. The doctor was not very pleased about it but then when can you see a doctor in the United Kingdom?

Remember if you use a saw to amputate your toe your foot will bleed. It will hurt as well so is it really necessary to do that? If you are diabetic you will probably die very soon so why not hang yourself instead if you are ready to depart and you won’t leave such a mess behind you

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