Without Memory or Desire. Wilfred Bion, was a psychoanalyst who… | by Conway Hall | Medium


Looking into the eyes of another is an enormous act, if it is done properly. More often than not there is a mountain to climb. Personal obstacles, detritus, and bizarrely formed theories swerve into position, as if to ‘protect’ us from the infinite array of potential experiences that might ensue once we open our eyes. Can we converse without memory or desire? Can we allow ourselves to be open to the terror of what might happen if we do? Is it unethical to not even try?

This last one I can answer and it’s with a resounding “Yes”.

These are my personal views on ethics and they are not intended to represent the views of Conway Hall Ethical Society.
Dr. Jim Walsh

Originally published at conwayhall.org.uk on August 2, 2015.


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