Emile and the superfish: the beginning

Mary looked at herself in the webcam.She was looking very  beautiful as she had washed her pale gold hair and applied some scented oils to it and though she was normally not interested in peering into mirrors she was intrigued by the Webcam.
She was happy as she had just removed Superfish from Stan’s Lenova laptop though she wondered whar else might lurk there…Supershark?Emile had been waiting ever since he heard her say
I am getting the superfish out today,Stan,dear.We can have Onion
Tart for lunch.
I shall wait for the super fish,thought Emile excitedly.I can just imagine what it will taste like… wonderful.
Meanwhile Mary who had never been bold enough to act at school was discovering her potential on mini videos one of which was going to be on Twitter soon. asking people to vote for Labour despite Miliband’s adenoids……But though she seemed bold as she spoke out,it was not her native temperament but a kind of madness that had come over her.
Polemical Poison,one might say.
Shall we have tomato salad,asked Stan sweetly as they had a bag of cherry tomatoes.
Mary did not answer because after making her video she realised her face was lopsided.How horrible,she thought.No wonder it’s evil to look in mirrors too much as it makes one self conscious which is bad.To forget one’s self is the best way to live if you can achieve it without taking heroin or laughing gas.
Gas never made her laugh at the dentist who had committed suicide shortly after removing 4 of her teeth and barely managing to bring her back from the clouds above.
He was a gambler and an alcoholic but her mother had loved him and sent all her children there for treatment.Surely that was unethical thought Mary petulantly.
Even if dad was dead ,consorting with drinken dentists was utterly foolish.What  a pity her mother has lived before the invention of vibrators,though come to think of it the dentist’s drill vibrated angrily at times!I had better push these thoughts away Mary decided and warm up the tart as it were
English has too many ambiguous words.

I am no tart,cried Annie rudely .I do it free.

Well.what would Wittgenstein make of that,thought Mary tp herself

Whereof one cannot charge,,thereof one cannot do !

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