Dear cat

I brought home a kitten from a friend
So tiny yet so fierce he bit my hands
We could not find him when we came back home
He was tucked in with the sheet under the foam

We had no garden so we took him out
Wrapped in a wool cardigan,I think
He lay contented on my knee all day
Looking at the trees and coloured sky

When mature he roamed the night away
Sleeping in a rocking chair most days
Benjamin, we called him, was run down
In the rush hour by a speeding clown,

The amber eyes of Benjamin would glow
He gave us happiness,we loved him so

5 thoughts on “Dear cat

  1. Very tender poem, Katherine. It is timely for me in that I have been taking care of my son’s cat the last two weeks. I love pets and they love me. I make a vow to them: whatever you need from food to affection and everything else I will not fail you.

    1. That’s lovely David very heartwarming and cheering. We have had 3 cats and then my husband died a cat came to stay with me for 6-months. At first it was very nervous but it became confident sometimes sat on my laptop. In my husband have been smaller he would have set on my laptop because he prefer to see me knitting.

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