Don’t forget to write when  the tyrant is hot

cats on sofa (1)

You may have read that we, the English people [ well I am 3/8 English] have to be careful in discussion with people who speak English but live in other countries like New Zealand.South Africa and of course, Canada, home of Leonard Cohen
However much we learn, if we don’t live in England we probably do not understand the idioms and I expect im politics and business it could cause great problems
If Boris Johnson says he is going to spill the beans tonight, will anyone from other countries like France know what he means.Because I assume they speak English at NATO events
Stone the crows. here is Boris striking while the iron is hot and spilling the beans and his seeds all over the area.
Oh, my sainted aunt,I can’t escape got agoraphobia,
Seen a shrink?
There’s sink in the toilet
But will it flush away?
Now be serious.I mean the room
What ,where the Inn keeper would not let Mary and Joseph stay?
They had no bathrooms then
Mine is the cat’s pyjamas
Should it be “are”?
Grammar is obsolete.
It sounds extremely rude.I must be mixing my words
You sound like an artist
Well,slight while the iron is hot!
But you don’t paint with an iron,do you?
No, but I can scorch the paper
I’d love to scorch the Mail
Don’t waste your time
I didn’t know I had any
Well, keep still.Don’t move
Why, is Trump passing?
Passing wind maybe
Is he a sheep in wolf’s clothing?
He’d be a ram
The wolf is only artificial
Is it imaginary like a complex number
Not that kind of imaginary
Do tell
The cat’s out of the bag
Yes, mother?
But where?
Under a hat
I got the hat trick once.I took it off
Now keep mum and watch what I do.
I want dad
Me too
Don’t ask for the moon
So is he there?
Be quiet Michael Gove wants to squeak
Where is Rees Mogg?
Mating with yours
This is the absolute end
Well, nearly

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