Waking up from dreams

I wake up warm from dreams, yet all alone
Every night you’re with me. wanting home
The shattering loss made splinters of my bones

Bandaged like a mummy, am I born?
In the dream, you hold my hand and run
I wake up from these anxious themes alone

I’ve still got your dear ashes and the urn,
Where are you and what have you become?
Your shattering loss astounded all my bones

Now I sleep and rest with turned off phones
I cannot bear impingements, I ache sore.
I wake up from the anxious dreams alone

Inside my soul, from Other love, I’m torn
Afflicted, disconnected, from my core
The shattering of my heart makes me forlorn

I think I hear your footstep by the door
My breast with a sharp dagger is then gored
I wake up slow from dreams still one alone.
The sadness has unsettled my heart’s home.

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