Emotional security


We may sink we will be secure when we are totally self-relian the but t don’t feel secure because of that maybe because it is impossibe as we all depend on many other people in our society but should you try to minimise the number of people you can rely on?

Mostly it is mutual and some will be relying on you.

We generally feel most secure when we have a numbernumber of people with whom we have a mutual friendship whether it’s in the flesh whether it’s people far away but we can phone them or email them. We need other people who will tell us their opinion of what we are doing and who are trustworthy. We might like someone who will accompany us to the hospital or a shopping trip or excursion. If we don’t drive we need a reliable bus service and reliable minicab firm.

When we been hurt by people we might withdraw but it’s best if that’s the temporary because we all need each other.

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