Learn to draw

I like this photo which I took before the pandemic began and I was looking at it I realise that it will be a good photo to use if you want to practise your drawing. It’s not the people that time I phoned you it says the vicarage which is very old and the wall on either side which is also very old.

It’s more easy to draw buildings than people. You will learn about perspective when you draw buildings. It’s the geometry of the shape that matters for practising

If you were going to paint this it’ll be quite a different approach if you are a beginner it’s probably a good idea to use soft pencil and one water soluble pencil.

You could use one fine tip pencil and 1 broad one put some artists don’t like to use pencil because it can you just keep rubbing out at the bits that you don’t like and who you are going to be like that it’s better to use a gel pen which may be water-soluble also or it can be waterproof.

It will make you look at the building more and appreciate it more when you try to draw it. How do you know it’s an old buildings is it because you have seen similar buildings before?

You can spend quite a long time on this project and you will not regret it if you persist m

I welcome comments and criticism

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