What does it mean to say someone is wilful?

Alfred is very wilful at times but deep down he is always kind

Willful suggests a stubborn persistence in doing what one wishes, especially in opposition to those whose wishes or commands ought to be respected or obeyed: that willful child who disregarded his parents’ advice.

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Research has shown those living in affluent areas are likely to live significantly longer than those in more deprived areas.

The Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is a measure of relative deprivation in England. The IMD ranks each small area in England from most deprived to least deprived, based on characteristics including income, employment, education, health, and crime.

Brook as a verb – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.



Verb Forms

  1. not brook something/not brook somebody doing something/brook no… to not allow something
    • The tone in his voice brooked no argument.
    • She would brook no criticism of her son.

The average reading age in the United Kingdom is 9 years.


Read the Guardian or The Times newspaper you need a reading age of 14. Unfortunately since the reading age on average in the UK is that of a 9-year-old child how much of the population would not be able to read anything demanding. Is this why people get the news from Facebook?

No one talks about it but I am aware of.

In the United States the average reading age is 12 to 14 but I don’t know how they measure that and where what is expected of someone of 12 to 14 is lower than it would be in the United Kingdom or whether it’s high or whether it’s the same. And reading ages are declining in the UK and the US.

Maybe children don’t read as many books now are used to easily accessed information from the internet and they don’t have the long dreamlike hours lost in

The Mill on the Floss or or anything comfortable