Ever Wanted to Get Revenge? Try This Instead


Retribution ties you back to the person you’re trying to get payback from, instead of turning on your heel and walking away,” Ms. Streep said. “Revenge keeps you focused on the mistreatment and doesn’t allow you to move forward and redirect your life.”

The need for evidence

When I read the newspapers or what’s the television I come across articles that claim large numbers of people are better off on benefits then they are working. And then I go on to say that most people prefer to sit around on their fat bums doing nothing

Why do people believe things and spread these stories without having any evidence? This is one of the main things that is affected society in the last 10 years

. If Facebook says something is true or if your friend next door says it’s true then you don’t feel the need to have any sometimes I am wondering whether people know what evidence is.

One step up from that if to say yes the benefits are not very large but if you were intelligent you will be able to budget properly and maje6 cheat meals from lentils and beans bread breast of lamb pigs feet

Neck of mutton, cheap minced beef etc. Don’t you think that these people will tell everybody else what to do or who believe they can live on fifty pence a day and feed a family of four should find out how much benefit they would get and then try and living on it

I’ve been lucky to have a job but when I was a student I remember being invited out for a meal one evening and it was very good food and after it was over I thought to myself so that’s what was wrong with me I was hungry.

You can lose contact with your body when you can’t afford to eat or drink or have the heating on and then you don’t realise that you need food. I used to have an egg on toast and a carton of yoghurt for my main meal and the Weetabix for breakfast with some milk and probably sugar

The only positive thing about this you don’t put weight on in fact you will lose weight especially if you ride a bicycle.

I do wish that people knew we need for evidence for our beliefs or theories

What is the most unpleasant thing is knowing that your children are hungry and that you haven’t got any more food for them. Or that you can eat something that takes meal but it is not what is best for you especially now that eggs are more expensive than normal and so are dairy products.

Tarmac. cobbles, flat slabs  of grey stone

Did   the earth weep when we paved the streets
Tarmac. cobbles, flat slabs  of  grey stone
Leaving  merely holes for trees long roots?

Covering in our cities all that’s deep
Startling ancient graves and  bits of bone
Did the earth weep when we paved the streets?

Motorways  increased that tarmacked  roof
As we drive  our ruinous cars    alone
Leaving  there no holes for trees long roots

In the hidden depths beneath our feet
Live the riches, seeds  awaiting growth
Did the earth weep when we paved the streets?

As the trees bloom  we see our deceit
We want it all  but do not pay nor mourn
Leaving  there  small holes for trees long roots

Once an orchard, now  so sterile,  torn
The gardens   became car parks  bleak, forlorn
Did   the earth  quake when we paved the streets
Leaving  merely holes for trees long roots?




Anticipatory grief


DThe point of Esther Rantzen: Living with Grief was to show that everybody grieves in their own way; the pain is bespoke. As a documentary it was, sadly, perfectly timed. Death has topped the news every day for the past year. “How many dead today?” people are used to asking as if inquiring about the weather. But what of the bereaved relatives left behind when we move on to the next daily statistic? The people who now have grief as a constant pillion passenger and are

Low thyroid affects your mental health


Many symptoms of psychological dysfunction have been described with hypothyroidism. Those symptoms most commonly related to thyroid deficiency include forgetfulness, fatigue, mental slowness, inattention, and emotional lability. The predomin