High functioning anxiety


At first glance you would think: here is a woman who is utterly sorted. But she confesses to knowing that she hasn’t slept a full night for years, and that her diary is so full because the only way she can keep the anxiety at bay is to “keep busy”. It is much easier to keep climbing the hill than it is to look down.


Is what I make  original and new?
Can  Imagination   rise and fly for me
To   recreate the glory   one child knew?

Who lit the candle flame that brought me view?
Who opened up my inner eye to see?
Is what I make  original and new?

We birth into a culture others grew
Weŕe part of all,  responsible and  free
Oh,   recreate that glory children knew

We make music with our voices too
The ram ś horn  or the string/ed lute make plea
Is what we make  original and new?

The charcoal on the paper is a clue
I sail  with wonder on my  inner sea
Oh,   recreate the glory    children  knew

Oh,God , oh eye,  have mercy upon me
Oh God, the voice, the hand , the touch, save me:             
Is what I make  of worth and pattern new?
To create , to live , must  we know Calvary?

Early winter sky

The sky is distant,cold

Neither Fall not Winter

Colour light mauvey yellow

No birds àbout, full silence

hangs like a dead bell

No thoughts,no emotion stir my


This does not flatter

Death hides in the shrubs

Chased out by a cat,it floats

away like a coat someone hung

there for a moment

To lie on the dead leaves

Leaving mistletoe weeping in old


We will have to kiss

As sudden as the ending of a song

Was this the apple then, your mother’s breast
Which father thought was his to oft caress?
And when, in deprived rage, you bit to test,
he vowed to hurt you ever you harass.

So then you learned that you could hate as well,
The punishment struck hard in your small heart.
Your memory was unworded, could not tell;
Though pain and anguish made your soft skin smart

.As unknown as the journey to your birth
As shocking as the grief of unmeant wrong.
As frightening as the gauging of your worth
As sudden as the ending of a song.

Impossible to foretell or to prepare,
The ambivalence of our hearts starts here.

How to Write a Free Verse Poem | Writers.com

Rather than letting a certain structure define the poem, the poet lets the poem structure itself through the interplay of language, sound, and literary devices.

Wait a minute—poetry doesn’t have to have a form? Definitely not! While schools expose students to highly formal poetry (sonnets, villanelles, haikus, and the like), there are countless free verse poem examples equally delightful and intriguing.