Summer air


Feelings drift in summer heated air
As silent reverie gives minds their ample space
Trees so heavy with excessive leaves
Droop like shades across their garden home
Sun near horizontal in its streams
Creates deep shadows where it cannot reach.

The ripened plums are almost out of reach
Their fragrance lends a splendour to the air
And as their leaves fall gently by the stream
More gaps are made and sunshine gets deep space
Such a cherished respite is our home
Where small wild creatures rustle in the leaves.

Yet even here the world outside can reach
Despite our music sonorous in the air
For News we hear, and pity from us streams.
We cannot stay for always in quiet space
Technologies now stamp around the home
Take up our mind and good thoughts outward leave

And yet we must still reach for mental space
Streams of mercy leave homes aired with grace.

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