The face

The face that was familiar is no more
Yet in my dreams he is alive again
Thus his image lives inside my store

In our sleep we find the open door
We see the precious faces of those gone
The face that was familiar is no more

A nightmare,anxious, running as before
To find our car, to bring home my dear man
Now his image lives within my store

His voice to me sounds muffled by great doors
He wonders how I manage all alone
The love that was so potent is no more

An anger at the doctors made me roar
A dying man ignored by every one
Now his love lives on in my deep core

Death will capture all but is that fair?
We live then die at last of all good bare.
The face that was familiar is no more
Yet his sweet love still haunts my deepest core

3 thoughts on “The face

  1. Beautiful–beautiful sentiments and memories, Katherine. You might have heard about another mass shooting in America, Well the most recent one ocurred where I live, My current post is about it. You might wish to read it. I hope you are well. I am well.

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