Forgive all dear trespassers.

Ray Kleers cat’s in parquet
Did Jesus have a hot temper?
I feel so gay, it is natural
They are waiting for our partitions.
Say but the word and my sole shall be heeled.
Guarded the angels from seven acolytes
Hail glorious St Hat Trick.
Lord, it’s hearsay.
Lord, I’m the worser
Forgive all dear trespassers.
Blessed is the root of thy broom.
Pay for us now and the whore at our death.
I believe in none ,God.
The communion of taints.
But Joseph had a bee.
Jesus wants me for his bathroom.
The Ten Demanding Torments are here.
Have you paid your wrecks yet?
For all the saints who laboured at their texts
For all the painted ghosts
Remember man, thy tart is bust
Ash to ash,dust not the frost
Forgive us an hour’s trespassing and we shall be over the moon
Please do as you would have fun by
I am God”s losing person
Satanic Curse.
Pray,Father,give me your venom
Through my vault,through my thieving vault
I heard a bill fall twide.
Why are you queer,Nehemia? Sorry, why are you dear?
Jeremiah hid in a wave.He couldn’t fund a whale.
God sent a form and a bad temper, but the Word was not on the Form
She was like a centipede married to a mouse.What a feat!

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