Songs we can sing

By Katherine

When will we find out own song to sing

Where is the melody where are the words?

Two different parts that make up one song

The fiddlers will play and the church bells will ring

High in the sky is the warbling of birds

When will we discover our own song to sing?

All over the world we speak different tongues

That won’t detract from the beauty we heard

Two complete parts that make up one song

Inside out being our human heart stirred

The music a shelter to which we can cling

The community choir the happiest throng

The love of the madness,the love of the word..

Don’t wait forever to find your own song

Our human gifts will take life when they’re shared

Let nothing destroy love, let us not be scared

We are not enemies we can belong.

The Far and the Near contribute to this end.

I welcome comments and criticism

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