I want you what it would be like if I use speech to text and did no corrections because easy my hands hurt

Even with something very simple it could come out very old

It has lots of words source and some of them are much more heavily than others so it’s nice to put one of those in so what you writing because that’s the most likely want to be correct but it is not necessarily the one that you wanted what the computer thinks is correct it’s not hurt

Sometimes we do the simple things our self. When we are with a friend try to fix what they say in 2 what is the most common inside our head but it might not be what they mean preceding people can be fraught with errors to 2

Keighley reminders of someone we love or someone we hate or a fighting girl it’s all brown is trying to fit the new reality into the patterns we have become familiar from the past

Mary Oliver arguments ikos bye people filling in too many places with the old vision and not with what their country is there open their eyes properly in a sentence

It’s time for lunch and then I’m going to eat a chocolate from a box I have just got to celebrate

My help from NHS England

Do you have problem with your doctor or similar NHS England are very useful indeed and swift to act

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