My Wedding Dress , my eyes, my shining hair

I remember riding in that car
Through unknown Essex.Suffolk to the sea
Oh Aldeburgh,Dunswich,  where we were

The fields  invited love  with yellow stars
Beguiling buttercups, and you and me
We got lost in Braintree in our car

Framlingham, we saw  wild primrose there
Mary Tudor  unimagined  flees.
Ah, Aldeburgh, fishing boats and tar

History  so poignant  and bizarre
Bloody Mary’s heretics, the siege
They might have got away inside our car

Southwold Harbour, walking on the spur
Rowed acrosss the  tidal river  clear
Then Walberswick where Freud’s descendents  smirk

As death came down  was I  the  wife  you chose
Your pretty one with  cheeks of  peach and rose?
My Wedding Dress , my eyes, my  shining hair
Your flowered shirt, your  eyes , your humour rare




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