The words

Every Time I see a four letter word I add another letter

Oh,fluck the Men are here where is my frock?

Oh fluck, why not shriek English

What creap for dinnrr

He writes too much cramp for me

You tweat, you broke my heart

You twist my swords

What shirt you speak at home

You are shifty

Blondy hell,Africa is me

I am damed if I will swear

Where did the count go ?

What count?

The beast one.

You are e-vile

You are e-book

Love in the hair

How can I love a man with rough white beard

Unless He lets me trim it with my shears

My own body hair has disappeared

Though on my chin two hairs appear

Neither màle nor female we shed years

No-one loves the old nor dries their tears

Their skin flakes off their ears can’t hear

Their eyes have shrunk they seem to leer

Forgive us Lord and help us steer

For in the darkest places you are near

My hospital resolutions

I will take everything personally

I will interpret all events in the worst way

I will never look on the. bright side

I will show the doctors I know more than they do.

I will refuse to wear backless gowns for procedures on my front.And vice versa.

I will prove stronger than most anaesthesics but feel no pain

I will likely see hallucinations and become crazy but only for an hour at most

I will recover faster than the speed of light

The phone call

Mary decided to phone the Samaritans as she got very depressed reading the News

She rang 116123

Eventually a voice said

What can I do for you ?

Mary cried: probably nothing

She hung up

Emile was añgry

I wanted to hear you talking about your problems

he mewed.

Well I may tell you later.Mary murmured blushing.

And so are all of us.