Catheter country

On Sunday evening not unaware that I had had trouble with the catheter in my bladder, the carers placed the urine bag near the end if my bed,put a pillow on top.Then my feet were on top of the pillow.Was it Unconscious work ?

So my bladder became painfully full.

On being questioned,they said it was not deliberate.

Well they could have fooled me

If they had baked a cake would they say they didn’t mean to?

Do we believe their claim/?

Follow their behaviour here though no names will be made public.

I don’t. know the names yet.

There is low level sadism around alas


I am feeling for the many roots that curve beneath the soil

Where insects scuttle silently, where kindly beetles toil.

Roots keep huge trees from falling down,an anchor and a friend

They feed the trees and crops and flowers in spring when life expands.

I place my feelers out to learn

what other life forms know.

Everywhere the mind can think

imagination goes

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