Catheter country

On Sunday evening not unaware that I had had trouble with the catheter in my bladder, the carers placed the urine bag near the end if my bed,put a pillow on top.Then my feet were on top of the pillow.Was it Unconscious work ?

So my bladder became painfully full.

On being questioned,they said it was not deliberate.

Well they could have fooled me

If they had baked a cake would they say they didn’t mean to?

Do we believe their claim/?

Follow their behaviour here though no names will be made public.

I don’t. know the names yet.

There is low level sadism around alas

2 thoughts on “Catheter country

    1. They said they did not do it on purpose.Do you believe that? It is possible but unlikely.
      One had threatened me already with going to the hospital so I told her superior I would prefer it but they would lose the money.
      I asked my sister to come .

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