This frail membrane is our boundary

My room is warm and comforting and light
This feels like kindness , brings my skin delight
I remember being held in loving arms
And soothed by songs as sweet as any balms
Let the lamplight run across the eyes
Let them soften to a wider gaze
Let the hair be free from sprays too strong
Let the skin enclose us softly like a song
We can’t deny the skin is often pricked
Or beaten by a parent who’s too strict
More fragile than a leaf from any tree
This frail membrane is our boundary
Floating into sleep in reverie
I lose myself while God imagines me


Oh doctor I am suffering pain

How can I relax my brain?

It’s not a muscle so I read

While I lay down on the bed

Hubert Benson wrote some books

I might find one if i look

He tells muscles to let go

Tension make us full of woe

How to calm your mind and heart

When so called friends have

made you smart

Take a bath in scented water

Seek for people full of


Eat good meals and feed the cat

Just wait here I have to stop