An imitation home

You can buy a yellow jumper in Marks and Sparks
A padded jacket but no cover for a heart
You get imitation leather,you get imitation wool
You can go out shopping till your head is full

There’s a polyester nightdress,there ‘re plastic boots
Don’t wear a holster , the police might shoot
Getting into bed with your cute nylon sheets
Your lover is electric but very discreet

Imitation cashmere, imitation food
A roast beef dinner for one sounds lewd
Imitation chocolate,imitation fur
Imitation politics and uncombed hair

An imitation Royal,a funeral to share
Imitation music,imitation care
Don’t fall down if you’re out alone
An imitation human rings an imitation home

2 thoughts on “An imitation home

  1. as your thoughts flowed into words, and they did flow beautifully , I had to smile, you captured todays world perfectly,
    so much chaos, anger and even that seems to be an imitation sometimes, crowds seem to just mimic the person closes to them. no originality anymore, well for the most part.

    anyway, i will start to ramble if not careful, so Thank You for a look and feel of today’s reality, it’s a nice change from the imitation worlds we surround ourselves with.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods
    Take Care…You Matter, Be Well, Be Safe


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  2. That was very nice to read.Thank you Mary.I once read a fashion book which said never wear anything imitation.
    It is hard to find wool sweaters or pure cotton clothes.


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