Oh Virus

We’re solitary,sad, confined by fear
Of death, of intubation, loss of breath
The Virus is the ruler bringing tears

No escape to the Garden for the beer
Instead we’re mulling over our own death
We’re solitary, sad, confined by fear

The lack of freedom is now far more than clear
We live in groups,we’re all subject to wrath
The Virus is the ruler, makes us weird

We cannot kiss the ones we feel most dear
Especially if we have a hard,dry cough
We’re solitary, down. confined by fear

The heart may burn, the heat will kill or sear
Few folks now are seen to smile or laugh
The Virus is a Terror bringing tears

Tell the Terror firmly to be off
Suck a sweet and that will clear your cough
We’re solitary,low, confined by fear
But still we love the ones that are so dear

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