Agnus Dei

At the end of the day,at this moment in time,all we can say is how did we get here
Nobody can deny, things are not what they seem, nor what they  may appear

We’ve been here before, you can’t flog a dead horse,take it as read
The leader in the Times, the origins of the war, the death of God
The atheist in the  room, take it from me,  the Church is dead
Does going to church make you Christian, does confessing sins make your morally superior?
Who was the Samaritan and why did he help?
I can’t deny that I  have seen the Light.I put it in myself
Why are  you not having an extension, what was your sentence?
Is there any justice in the world, and if so, where?
This is not the road to heaven but it was on the sign post, it’s hard to believe
 they would confuse us with the Nazis
Did the Romans know Jesus?
Why ask now?
We want the truth to come out
From where?

I welcome comments and criticism

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