After 30 minutes have past I get panes in my gut



While I sniff at my lily of the valley soap from Yardley, I am thinking of  the spelling mistakes I am reading

M & S tell me

After 30 minutes have past you cannot change your order
Surely it is passed? Minutes pass.. pass is a verb.

Top Newspapers
Yesterday a journalist wrote  about putting someone  in a straightjacket

I think it should be straitjacket  and  probably is derived from Strait
If someone has a good degree, you’d expect them to know but
I find myself  making spelling mistakes when typing but not when using a pen

strait is a naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. Most commonly it is a channel of water that lies between two land masses.

Strait - Wikipedia

Some I made up

She suffers stomach panes
Can you see inside her?

He had a paned expression
Flat and made of glass?

I find love is full of panes
Draw the curtains!

She  past out  when she  took too much GNT

Where is your husband?
Oh, he has past
Past  history?
No,I mean he’s dead,passed on, passed over, passed by

I never knew your son had past history
He passed geography as well
But he’s been in jail
Not because he passed geography?
No,  because he stole a hearse
Difficult to get away with that
He hid in the coffin
Lucky he was not cremated!

I like strait skirts on slim ladies
Is it bondage?

You must stand up  strait.
That is hard when chained,

We sailed straight through Dover
You mean the Straits of Dover,I guess.

I past all my exams
Except English, they saw you hiding

2 thoughts on “After 30 minutes have past I get panes in my gut

  1. Lovely read!

    It is something of a hobby with me to look for spelling and grammar errors in “public writing”, such as store signs, product packaging, etc. However, it is bittersweet when I find them. It is mildly amusing at first, and then a little depressing afterwards.

    Regarding your line “I find myself making spelling mistakes when typing but not when using a pen”, that is so true! I am very often appalled when I re-read an email I just wrote (and I always proofread them before hitting “send”) and see that I made several very simple and bone-headed mistakes. I somehow will substitute one word for another. Or transpose two words. Or just flat-out use the wrong word from what I meant to write. I chalk it up to just typing so fast that my brain cannot keep up and so it does the best it can. I probably flatter myself, however.

    Great read! Thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How nice to meet you Biff,I have noticed my spelling going wrong but in the newspaper articles I suspect the writers don’t know they are making a mistake.I was lucky to pass the 11 plus and went to a goos school where we did Latin,Hence I can guess many words as they are derived from Latin.I find it very interesting to find the origin of words, but I doubt if younger people know them
    There is a funny book called Anguished English that you may have read
    Thanks for your comment


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