What I learned at school

white and gray cat in brown woven basket
Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com

And,furthermore,never begin a sentence with  but or and
woke up from her recurring dream of  being back at school.This teacher had not spoken,she had just written it on the blackboard.Mary could see it in her mind’s eye
What is annoying about such dreams is that we forget what led up to the statement
Did she mean but or butt,Mary thought.How do I interpret my dream?
She kicked her partner on the butt… is that ungrammatical
Similary, is it wrong to say let’s shake  hands?
It may be morally wrong during a pandemic ,but that is not to do with punctuation
Mary told herself ironically
Emile ran in and mewed loudly.
I have been up all night, he cried
Up what,Mary asked?
Up the red maple tree
How did you get down?
I closed my eyes and fell onto the hawthorne hedge
How fortunate we have no Statue or War Memorial here,Mary thought
Well, before you climb up anything, check whether you can get down without risk
That could be applied to  our PM who caught Covid-19 to get a rest from politics but he might have died.If you are  not comfortable with leadership, do not seek it,Mary whispered.
Cats don’t suffer from those problems,Emile informed her.
I wish I were a cat then we could move out together into the woods and fields,Mary murmured
Too cold,Emile said politely
I had an odd dream, she told him.
“Odd ” as in “numbers?”
No “odd” as in “peculiar”
About grammar, she replied.Oxford commas, spliced commas,where to put question marks
Well,I don’r know how the human race has survived

Nor do all of us


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