Sitting on a tin opener and other notions

two gray frying pans hanging on wall
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person holding ladle
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I  meant to write earlier but as I was sitting here  musing,i heard a strange noise.I could not figure out what it was at all
Until I discovered I had been sitting on  a battery operated tin opener
During the night,I  thought I heard a sound like siren but  quieter
I walked about  but could not locate it.I went back to bed but still heard
After a while I thought it must be 8.00 am but it was only 6 am
So I decided lying down was better for my knees……..
So you understand  why I am a bit behind schedule…. as I also  found my account book and lost it again when it was next to me on a little table.
I deccided I hate  Noam Chomsky.I have no reason for that except he seems to be productive despite being  rather aged.Why should I have a reason?Well, we can’t go round hating people for no reason.Maybe they  remind us of some relative who was often cruel, maybe it’s something from before we learned language… an atmosphere?
So if we hate someone, it’s more about us than them
That is all I can say  don’t drop a battery operated tooth brush into the bath  or someone will think a bomb is going off

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