My distressed jacket


This was a  photo of a small lake before I played with it


I am sorry I can’t come out.My distressed jacket has just arrived.
Denim,say what you like… you can beat it,distress it, rip it and some idiot will buy it
Distress it yourself.. teach it quantum  mechanics.Or let the dog sleep on it  if and only if you can  sleep by it and sing ,O for the winds of a dove
I can’t come out either.I can’t get my  jeggings off and I need to answer the call of nature.Moo mooo
What made you buy a distressed jacket?
It was half price!
Why can’t  you wear it to come out?
It might cry
Are you crazy?
How would I know?
Are you unwell?
No,I’m Dutch
Like a dyke?
Are you always boring or is it just  the heat?
I have no idea
You can take some of mine.i am full of the.
How much are they ?
How much what are they?Wool?
I mean the cost
Free to all daydreamers
I  like that!

3 thoughts on “My distressed jacket

  1. Thank you Katherine. Lively mind you have. Always a bit puzzling. But entertainingm and even profound. Hope you are well and sitting in yur garden at times. Diana and I get out a bit but have to be careful and the days have been quite hot. How’s everything?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Still in Lockdown.Hope to get my hair cut 3 months of growth.I am managing alright but hope we can soon have more social life.I am glad you can go outside soon,Keep well,Katherine


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