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The history teacher failed my essay on the French Revolutiom
She said it was more boring than a railway timetable.
I l

The head nun was angry when I was top of the class
She said, you don’t look intelligent

When I was being interviewed for university I was asked what I wanted to do a degree in maths for.Research  was my aim,I told them
Both men burst out laughing and slapped their thighs
I’d never seen men with manicured nails before
I’d already done some original work by myself
I did more.

I lost a job offer as I was wearing an engagement ring

I amazed my students by never using lecture notes.I thought I’d be bored just reading it out.Boring one’s self is bad.

Why did I  take a job lecturing when I was a silent person?
I suppose it cured my muteness but I’d  like to get it back  before
I say I hate the government **** **** ****

People do want to learn but many teachers have not got the ability
to imagine what it is like encountering x,y,z   instead of numbers and wisely believe quadratic are meaningless

Maths is like studying a skeleton
But the flesh is what  makes us alive.




7 thoughts on “Me,boring!

    1. I am concerned after talking to a scientist that the country is disintegrating.We have no real leader.Some more hot weather and….. let’s pray we will not have riots and people ktlled Love you,Janet toujours. xxxx


      1. Yes, I do fear that we are only at the beginning of this madness and without a strong leader – its not good at all. We will stay strong in our knowledge that the creative process is the only way to go. Love to you XXX

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      2. I read this Janet .We are not politicians but art can change people’s hearts and hence what they do

        The Romantic view of the poet as unackowledged legislator emerges at the turm of the century in the writing of William Godwin, with his anarchic view of the poet as “the legislator of generations and the moral instructor of the world”.[11]

        It received its most memorable formulation however in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s 1820 “A Defence of Poetry”.[12] Shelley maintained that, through their powers of imaginative understanding, ‘Poets’ (in the widest sense, of ancient Greece) were able to identify and formulate emerging socio-cultural trends; and were as a result “the hierophants of an unapprehended inspiration…the unacknowledged legislators of the world”.[13]

        Written by Shelley
        And love too can change us and i am sending mine now. xxxxx

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      3. You have a wonderful kind heart.Thanl you so much,So we can make a difference and even a small difference matters ,like the butterfly’s
        wings in the Amazon can cause a storm in Europe.Love,Katherine.xxxx

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