Face coverings 1

IMG_20200701_170908I have lost my lap top
Never mind, you can have a skin graft
Can one type on a skin graft?
Why are you alway arguing?
Why are you alway exaggerating?
I don’t know why we got married
You were a good actress
Thanks for the compliment
You were so good I didn’t know how horrible you really were
That’s not very kind
Why should I be kind  to such a nasty wife?
Or  alternatively,  your nastiness has robbed my of my kindness
Why do you always blame me?
Name one example
You blamed me for  a poor Wedding Night because I was menstruating
You could have gone on the pill  to change the date
But we  married for life.Was it so awful to wait a couple of days?
Well,I admit I was tired after the Reception
No wonder, you danced with ten women and left me alone
You are always counting.Nine women,eleven women, what’s the difference?
Two women
You aways were good at sums.
You should not  have shown off at our Wedding
You should be grateful I picked you.
What a nerve.You mean you didn’t love me  the most?
In the dark  what does it matter
Surely  not all women  make love the same way.
So far I can’t tell you, but it seems similar
Of course it’s similar.It’s the emotions, the feelings that count.We are not cats
Why bring arithmetic in?
“Count” means “matter”
As in don’t ” matter”  your chickens before they’re hatched
As in,  to lovers money does not matter
Not till they get hungry
It means money is necessary but not sufficient
Gosh,I  realise you passed the eleven plus
No,I passed out in the exam room so I got an aegrotat based on my course work
You don’t do course work for an IQ Test
Well I did.I began as a moron and ended up as  the most clever of all
All what? Sheep?
You are so cruel
That’s only  the beginning
Did you pass the eleven plus?
I never took it.I was privately educated
I’ve not heard of that
You should.It’s a prison
Why did they send you there?
It was an experiment
To find out what?
They never said but I passed 9 A levels and got a place at Oxford to read maths.
I didn’t know one could read maths
Why would I have all these books?
To impress visitors?
Would you be impressed by ” Thoughts on 4th order differential equations” ?
I    have never heard of such things.Why 4th order?
Three space plus time
Can you add space and time? They are different things.
They can interact.
I suppose it’s like a railway timetable.A three dimensional train arrives at a certain time  at the station
Unless there are leaves on the line
Did Dirac think of that?
I doubt it.Maths is perfect ,elegant and bare
Sounds like a new bride.
Well, take me back and marry an infinite series of irrational numbers
Can a phone have an  irrational number?
Ask BT!
How rational!

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