They may carry you to safety too


You have to be careful  now  not to stand still in London in case a football supporter  urinates on you.
Especially if you are a memorial to a brave police man

Then, thinking about a  holiday.I was expecting to go to Teesdale as my husband loved High Force…… but that will remind me of……urination,Dominic Cummings,Covid 19.lies,BJ, Barnard Castle,and other unpleansant things.
I am thinking Southport will be safer or even Morecambe and the sinking sands ; my garden  will be even safer apart  birds getting angry.

I am wondering what to  read next.Rodham. Gone with the Wind or
War  and Peace?
Or the road atlas?
Can I bear Hillary and Bill in bed? Not with me!
It’s mere fantasy of the lowest type.Who does not know that men get erections and  have intercourse until they get too old?
We need a story.

I welcome comments and criticism

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