Senior semi lapsed Catholics’ to do/be or not to do/be programme


1.~Start early to prepare for Confession if you still go

Commit an interesting, but harmless to others,  sin early in the week to avoid that dumb panic on Saturday at 5 pm
You may already have done this accidentally,
Do NOT kill anything nor tempt others to sin [my, I never knew I was so attractive]
What sin is interesting without being wicked?
Do let me know

Never tell a sick friend that you can’t visit because you are going to Mass,  Vespers ,lighting candles etc
Never talk about religion unless others  do first.In any case, it’s probably better to avoid it

One of  the main points of religion is to remind us we are not God and never will be.
Leave it all out if  you like, but keep this.
You don’t have to go to church to   listen to the Sermon on the Mount or to spend a short time alone with yourself and present to your self…. in that, we may find some connection we didn’t know of.Similarly you can sit with a  friend having a hard time without lecturing them on how you would cope

5.Try to ignore that desire to correct others errors including  do  help them by mis-pronoincing a word they just mis-pronounced; unless you are a teacher in school
and especially theological errors

6.Listen for the still small voice rather than shouting a list of desires godwards.He/It/She is not Father Xmas

7 Go into a wood and forget everything including this.

Read theology by people who are NOT Catholics like Martin Luther King

That’s it for now

I welcome comments and criticism

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