All shall be well



Beautiful images by Mike Flemming 2020,Copyright

“All shall be well,and all manner of things shall be well”
St Julian of Norwich

Trust the unknown force that grew you,
From the joining of two cells.
Act of love, of mutual giving,
Created you,a new made self.

Trust the dark,the unseen aspects
Of the life we all must live.
Trust that there is wisdom elsewhere,
To your emptiness to give.

Wait in patience for the time
When inspiration comes at last
Trust in darkness,silence,lowness.
Opposition forms the cross.

Pain is bearable in lowness,
Like the worm in earth I dwell.
When I look I see the sunrise
And I trust all shall be well.

15 thoughts on “All shall be well

      1. A lot of my early stuff is really opaque to me now. Sometimes I would sometimes hit a phrase or image that worked even though it was strange. My young adult and new father time was often traumatic, and it produced some mysterious writing.

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      2. I can understand that.I thought one I wrote was nonsense for a week.I hope life has been easier for you.I don’t think writing poetry is therapy but it does help to have something to do.I find I notice things more like those wallflowers I wrote about.I only began when I was 64 so I am unsure what I’d have written when I was young.Reading helps to expand mind and vocabulary… though I don’t read just for those reasons.I am be interested in the gap between lived experience and what can be expressed in words.Thank you very much for commenting,Katherine

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      3. That one is the best out of too many. I wrote a lot of crap for a long time. Maturity has given me a better editor’s eye, but I have a lot that I think, “Man, I’m glad that didn’t get published.” LOL


      4. I never could do math. I could do geometry because I could draw, but the other stuff — I was a disaster. The trouble with writing for so long is that I just have files upon files of material. I can’t remember all the things I’ve done and I have to sort back through stuff to remember.

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