How is this?

An unusual image by Mike Flemming 2020 Copyright

I have got more and more incontinent.
Do stop admiring Europe

Why do the government tell us to eat more fruit and veg?
To help evacuate the Common Market from our bodies

Why do the government not have enough beds in hospitals?
They can’t all go to sleep at once

Why are the politicians so stupid?
Because we are.

I am still incontinent
Don’t worry, only another week in the EU
I’ll apply for an Irish passport
You’re not Irish
No, but my parents were

I  will  miss  the Spanish omelettes
But you never go there

I  will not  miss Mass on Sundays.
I will  become an atheist  and worship myself for an hour.Much more satisfying.

I wonder how Enlightened we are.
Well, the light is  not the problem.It’s the vision.

I saw the Light once
Say hello from me.

God is love
So is real love God?

Can we go on the Trans Siberian Express
Only if you are Trans
But how do they know?
Wear a T shirt with Trans on the front
That won’t  be very warm in Siberia
We all have to suffer for our beliefs.
It’s not a belief
What, you don’t believe you are trans?
I believe everything.
You’d better be careful.Some people tell lies
Really? I’d never have guessed
You must  be stupid
How rude.
I am very stupid at  relating to people
That’s honest.But don’t tell anyone
But they’ll know after I’ve insulted them again and again
Just smile and keep quiet.

We look and see the Christian story failed.


 Image by Mike Flemming 2020.copyright

We live on earth and act in plays we write
The  shadowed  drama  folds out  scene by scene
In Eden,  sin brought knowledge to our sight.

 Freud desired to  bring the dark  more light
It’s  hard to suffer, harder still to learn
We act on earth in plays we partly write

We each have lived in ways without much light
But fire brought power and light  then  darkness gleamed
In Eden,  sin brought knowledge to our sight.

Christ was born, and yet we live in flight
From guilt about the apple bit unseen
We act on earth in plays we   try  to write

Our play  with good and evil  has  its might
For meaning’s worthy of  our human schemes
In Eden,  wrong brought knowing to our sight.

We look and see the Christian story failed.
For the Holocaust  itself was not derailed
We live on earth and act in plays we write
The Christian play we had gave  slight insight
As refugees, as children drown who fights?

A million kindle fires

Do you think my house should be rewired?
Should I enlarge my kitchen,go for broke
I have got a hundred kindle fires

I wonder  why I cannot be a liar
I have  got less faith  but still I hope
Do you think my brain should be rewired?

Can I rent a  mind for  thirty  hours?
I ‘d love to go to Chester in a boat
I have got a hundred kindle fires

Am I misusing love and with it power?
Where did Charley hide inside an oak
Do you think my  tongue should be retired?

Many minds have  like the milk gone sour
All they do is send me bytes, not talk
I have got a hundred kindle fires

Why do all  the British fight or mope?
They must have washed their mouths with Fairy Soap
Do you think the world should be rewired?
We   have  got a  billion kindle fires

The more we hate

Idealisation,violent innocence
The notion that our Faith  comes by our will
The unseen sin,  the lack of penitence

We  think as if we’re still omnipotent
With New Year Resolutions  unfulfilled
Idealisation,violent innocence

Force cannot bring truth nor give souls rest
When the virtues of the heart are  silent, stilled
The unseen sin,  the lack of penitence

Beaten children, broken spirits quenched
What God could wish  for  adult acts that quell?
Idealisation, tyrant’s innocence

The acts of war , the terror, the immense
The more we hate, the more we harm ourselves
The sin denied, the lack of penitence

We do not need  a Saviour,we know best
We boast at  Judgement we shall pass the test
Ideally perfect lives ,   oh, innocence
The  hidden sin,  the stinking penitence