I love you Eliezer,  yes, it’s you.




audience back view band blur
Photo by Lucas Allmann on Pexels.com

I love you Mr Cohen ,yes I do
I see you and hear you every single day
I have a secret passion just for you

I felt  deep sorrow ,I was feeling blue
I tried to see and hear it  in your  way
I love you Leonard ,yes I do,I do

The End of Love is never, in my view
I love your band when  you all  sing and play
I have a secret passion, it is you!

I seem to follow like you are a clue
If we met I wonder what we’d say
I love you Eliezer,  yes I do.

The puzzlements of love  and hate  are due
We who feel your questions ,feel half crazed
We  all have  secret passions just for you

I love Picasso,and I love Paul Klee
I love the blossom trees that bloom  in May
I love you Mr Cohen ,how I do!
I  cannot hide my passion, it’s your due