We broke the symbols down and we are mad

Jesus   is not in the Sacred Bread
Nothing  stays the same ,much as we hope
He drowns with refugees,  he crawls in mud

Life and God aren’t static.souls have fled
Do not deny  the loss,  nor  its great scope
Jesus   is not in the Sacred Bread

Europe cracked ,  a billion billion   dead
Unacknowledged evil  is the rope
He burned with  Europe’s Jews ,we lust in bed

The War’s not gone, it lives inside the head
We do not need a thousand microscopes
Jesus   is not in the Sacred Bread

The symbol’s done, the  bread of heaven ‘s bad
We “Christians” were not there when Jesus  spoke
Christ burned with  gypsies, queers , was shot unclad

It’s over, people,what  we  never read.
We  ruined  the world ,  destroyed the ones who fled
Jesus   is not in the Sacred Bread
He drowned  and burned was shot,he’s truly dead







Anthropomorphism is my default now




This photo is copyright   to me




I treated this strange creature  with great care
I  knew she was not human, so unfair
She looked like my old cat before it died
Someone give her food,  make sure it’s fried

She could not mew nor bark nor did she speak
I did not tell her that she was a freak
She liked to use her hair as a defence
Peering out  as if in recompense

But if I’d cut it off, she would have screamed
As she watched  the music  fly in streams
She saw her visions and she talked to Lights
Noone  human   is vouchsafed such sights

But still I   liked to gorge on her cheese flan
She might not act  quite human but   who can?