And died in peace

My husband was a very selfish man
He gave me polish in a brand new tin
That was for the furniture not  for me
Well some may lose yet others might well win

He thought that I was programmed by my genes
To bake him cakes and polish  wood and brass
To cook lamb chops and boil  potatoes new
I said we did not learn that in  the maths class

Then he grew enraged that I was bright
He told me off for playing Chess  with men
He told me off for  reading Wittgenstein
What could I do  but drink   all of his gin?

He complained  I knew the villains in a film
My brain was far to fine to make me dear
Perhaps I was a witch   in angel’s clothes
Drinking tea like  others might drink  beer

After he’d unloaded all his  grief
He thanked me for my  love   and  he died  in peace

The wall

Sitting on the neighbour’s wall
Nobody around to see
Waiting for the minicab to call

Life seems  like a trial not a ball
I wonder why I’m feeling so free
Sitting on the neighbour’s wall

Why is there a mirror in the hall?
Shall we see a demon  drinking tea?
Waiting for the mini cab I called

I wish I were shopping in the Mall
If you think I’m silly,I agree
Sitting on the neighbour’s wallB

What is   meant by promiscuity?
Where is there a  public lavatory?
Sitting on the neighbour’s wall
Waiting for  the Lord to cut the cord.